Audio Newsletter

<< PlayStation start-up sound effect >>

Headsets on. Snack bowls down. Time to get in the zone.

Did you know a massive 97% of gamers are more likely to engage with Spotify?

<< ‘Power Up!’ sound effect >>

Immersive audio ads go hand in hand with intense gaming focus.

With your customers already hooked on the sound flowing through their headsets, you’ve got a golden opportunity to fill the space between reloading bullets and exploring fantasy lands.

<< Final Fantasy victory theme sound effect >>

Digital audio is a key part of the modern gaming experience, with 56% of gamers discovering new tracks and artists as they curate their playlists for a strong session.

<< ‘Let’s Do This’ Call of Duty sound effect >>

Targeting growling gamer bellies, Pizza Hut recently grabbed a slice of the audio gaming action.

Back in June, they ran an immersive audio campaign with us, serving game-day hype with loaded sound effects.

Running a voiceover in the style of a pro sports caster, they cut through the clutter to score an awesome victory!

<< Sports caster voiceover – Pizza Hut – 1, Satisfied Gamers – 1 >>

Are you ready to reach the 87% of gamers that stream Spotify at least once a week?

Time your ad to appear as gamers thrash through battles and race for glory.

However you drop your ad, we’ll make sure you’re right there in the thick of the action.

Run rings around the competition << Sonic rings sound effect >> with Spotify Advertising.
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