Global Employee Assistance Program

Clear Life’s Hurdles

It’s a fast-paced world. But it’s not always your pace. Time to own it. Join our Employee Assistance Program and take charge. We’ll be here to spot you when you need, with support and guidance to help you smash your goals.


At the Top of Your Game

Win at work and home. From career and family issues to money and lifestyle worries, we’ve got your back thanks to the new Employee Assistance Program from Nike HR.

Do more with more with our confidential support service that fuels you round the clock. Stay at the top of your game with free advice focused on real world challenges from rebuilding relationships to reaching your full potential.


The Victorious Everyday

The road is tough. But you don’t have to go it alone. You’re a part of the Nike family. And that means we look out for your family too.

It’s why we chose Cigna to support Nike HR. They’ve a track history with successfully helping employees of all levels and backgrounds lead stronger, happier, more satisfied lives.

Our Employee Assistance Program is more than just emotional support – it can give you a fresh perspective, help manage your money better and reassure you that someone’s always listening.

It might sound small. But to so many people, it’s already been epic.


Take Charge

Your progress is our priority. When you’re doing well, we’re doing well. That makes a strong game for everyone.

It’s your life. Take charge of it. Talk through your goals, fears, doubts and dreams with the Employee Assistance Program. Get things done and realise how much better life can be when you’re at your best.


There Is No Finish Line

We’re here for you every step of the journey. So you can win at work and home. Feel strong physically and mentally day and night, from shift to sofa.

For supercharged, high performance living. With all the support you need to stay there.

Sign up now. Gain more. Be more. We’re here when you’re ready.