Clean, sharp communications
from concept to call to action


Client: Yazoo Industry: Food Agency: Founded



Yazoo recently repositioned and needed new branding including the all-important brand manifesto. They were targeting three separate target markets – mums primarily, then young children and pre-teens.

The brand manifesto needed to mirror their ethos of how ‘deliciously good’ their products are and the fact that they’re wholesome yet awesome.

I also created a selection of strap-lines to quickly distinguish the brand in the market place. I played around with kid-friendly phrases such as ‘holy cow’, ‘wicked’, ‘decent’ and ‘awesome’ to get kids on our side, while still reassuring mums with promises of the milk being ‘wholesome’ ‘with a little dairy halo’.


Deliverables: Brand manifesto, straplines, target market platforms, tone of voice