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First Class Laundry

We all love to receive. Post, flowers, fresh laundry, it’s all good. But sometimes you get that return to sender felling when you slip on a freshly washed shirt. And for that promo interview or first date, it’s just not gonna cut it. Sadly, not everyone’s reputation is as squeaky clean as ours. As the nation’s no1 dry-cleaning and laundry app, we deliver nothing but immaculate clean clothes to the highest standards. And with collections from 6:00am to 11:00pm, remember – second class is for stamps, not clothes.


Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Red socks, mustard corduroys, a white shift dress, a bottle green bomber. Just as you like your cuppa a certain way, you like your clothes to look unique too. However good they look, there’s nothing better than how they feel. And there’s nothing better than that freshly-washed and laundered feeling. Let Laundrapp deliver that pressed and refreshed sense right to your doorstep. As the nation’s no1 dry-cleaning and laundry app, we keep Londoners squeaky clean. Like a mellow spring meadow.Ahhhhh. It’s like you’re in the drum.