I’m Katy, a dynamic Copywriter and Creative Director with over 15 years of experience.

I create compelling story-telling for a spectrum of brands from Nike to Spotify. From award-winning global campaigns to ongoing comms, my words resonate with authenticity and vigour.

A lively animation script for BP?

Some look-at-me lines for London Underground?

An audio newsletter for Spotify?

Swimwear socials for Sweaty Betty?

Thought leadership for Schneider Electric?

Ideas that inspire are all in a day’s work.

I’ve written for the world’s top advertising and branding agencies, from BBH to Design Bridge. But let’s scale it back.

I’ve also helped aspiring start-ups and B-Corps, driving positive change. I absolutely love what I do and that’s reflected in the first class copy I create.

Outside of work, I’ve run 28 marathons, founded Wrong Era Poetry and find deep meaning in art, design, nature and the hypnotic exotic.

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